Why I like WordPress….

Maybe I’m biased, maybe I’m tight, but I like things that are free.

Stylized WordPress Logo

The thing I like even more, are things that are free and good. WordPress is used by those trying to start a side-hustle on a shoestring right up to multi-national companies. I love that; I love that it is open-source and a collaboration of minds. I like that there are well-built plugins which add nearly every functionality you could think of and often they too are free! If only all the world could be this generous!

A choice of themes, once again a vast selection of free themes. I should explain that while plugins add function, themes govern the look of a website. A free theme often will do the job. They nearly all have a pro-version and sometimes it is worth the upgrade for enhanced features or access to support but (it’s so good I will say it again) a free theme is usually up to the job, not a trailer, or a taster, it will do the job. Once again so generous!

The website is built. Build it and they will come, that is what they say isn’t it? Well no, work has to be put into promoting your website and optimising it so it can be found by search engines (SEO). Guess what though, WordPress already does lots of the SEO so you don’t have to. Guess what it else…it does it for free as you go along!

Love WordPress.