Why #Hashtag?

Hashtag drawn in the sand

Most people have heard of hashtags. The phrase ‘to hashtag’ began with twitter so has banded around for well over 10 years.

It revolves around putting a hash and some words. But why? And which words? Is it still cool to hashtag?

Hashtags enable people to find content. So your hashtag should contain the words someone might use if they were searching for your post (or article). If more that one word, you would put # then string the words together with no spaces. To make it more readable it is common practice to capitalise the first letter of each word.

For example suitable hashtags for this post would be:

#HowDoIHashtag (notice you can’t put punctuation in a hastag)

The skill of writing a hashtag is to anticipate the terms others would use to refer to your content.

But where to Hashtag?

Hashtagging is widely used across social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. if you’re not sure it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it even makes the jump into common language, for example the #MeToo movement. It also works to make a point quickly in graphics or printed media.

Is it still relevant? Worth the effort?

Yes, if you hashtag your posts they will be more visible. They will be seen by people who do not follow your posts normally. They allow your posts to be found. The are vital.