The Revamp – Ways I have helped

Old? (website package) This could be because the website is out of date, both in information and technology. It needs a complete overhaul. A good example of this might be when a website was built to be displayed on a 1024 x 768 monitor. Once upon a time this was good practice however when you look at it on a mobile phone or tablet it is either displayed in minature or there is a lot of scrolling. When so many of us use our mobile to access the internet it really is time to change to a responsive design. This is a design which adapts to display well on any size screen. I would recommend WordPress for this as most free templates now have this feature built in as standard. No SEO? (SEO package) SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is how easy it is for a search engine like Google to find your website. A website coded in html will not have been optimised as standard and there may be further work required to make sure your site appears when someone does a web search. It may be it is easier to rebuild the site in WordPress which is already has much of SEO done (website package), it depends how happy you are with your site generally. The Makeover (site review) Maybe the site is a bit glitchy, it has some broken links or lots of text and no graphics. It might just need a bit of a polish to bring it to life. You’re not using it? (‘Teach Me’ package or ‘Just do it for me’ package) You may have had a fabulous site built for you and maybe the idea was you would post news and keep it looking up-to-date but that hasn’t happened and you either want someone to do that for you or you need to be talked through how it should be done so that you can take back control.