Static Homepage v’s Your Latest Posts for Blogs and Small Business

Easy navigation is important
Easy navigation is important
Don’t lose your audience in chronological listings.

I am a ‘Static Homepage’  girl who occassionally dabbles with a  ‘Your Latest Posts’ Homepage. I always felt I was bucking the trend and I suppose I have been a little, but it seems the ‘Static Homepage’ might be coming into its own!

WordPress was born in 2003, it was the offspring of existing blogging software ‘b2/cafelog’ .  Through it’s infancy and childhood WordPress existed for bloggers and it is only more recently that it was picked up as a web building tool in it’s own right.

Historically, I mainly build websites for small businesses, this is what has lead me down the ‘static’ path. Businesses want their homepage to display the most important and relevant information on the homepage. It makes sense. It makes sense for blogs too and I would recommend making the switch over.

As WordPress has been evolving so have websites and blogs. The website which is built and remains the same until you have a big overhaul is now a rare thing. We are expected to keep it looking fresh, current, up-to-date, have a ‘latest news’ page. Blogs on the other hand are evolving from being a chronological diary in the format of ‘Your latest posts’ to an information resource which needs to be quickly and easily navigated. Where you are guiding your user and moulding the user experience. They no longer have to search back through the archives or rely on the search bar.

Still not convinced? What if I tell you that Google have noticed this trend? Having your content organised and easily navigable is always going to be good for SEO but it would seem this has also become a priority for Google in their May 2021 algorithm update so could have a very direct influence on traffic.