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Since 2020 an ‘Online Presence’ has become essential.

Many business are finding they need to put their business online. This can be done different ways depending upon the business and budget. I am happy to discuss with you what would work best for you:

WordPress Website

Most businesses find a website a good place to start. I particularly advocate WordPress, but can work with other platforms if preferred. A simple website is like an online business card. Once you have a WordPress website it is easy to scale it up at a later date so it can show a portfolio of work, or a shop, or online booking system. Websites built in WordPress are easy for Google to find because they are already SEO optimised.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimisation). A ‘Search Engine’ is used to do web searches, like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. If your website is optimised for a search engine it means everything has been done to make it easy for a search engine to find your website. In effect your website is a waving a big flag saying ‘Woohoo! Google! Over here!’

I have a website, but it never brings me any business.

It is likely that there is a bit of SEO work which needs to be done. The internet evolves and your website might need revamping or rebuilding to get you maximum ‘bang for buck’. A good way to push your website is through social media like Facebook or Instagram. You may want to do an email marketing campaign or start blogging to increase that traffic to your website.

Can Social Media help me?

Social Media is becoming more and more of a selling tool and should not be overlooked. I know of some businesses doing very well with just a Facebook Page or Instagram. It is wise to keep in mind that some people simply do not use Social Media. People in some professions choose not to join Social Media so they may not be able to connect with your business. However in some industries that may be less of a consideration.

The right solution for your business is within your grasp and I am happy to discuss it with you:

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