Bark ‘n’ Bubbles
Professional Dog Grooming and Spa


This website was completed in May 2017.

It is for a local Dog Groomer who had just moved to larger premises and was increasing the facilities and services on offer and wanted new website and flyers.

This site was done in WordPress. The Gallery uses a plugin to mimic the photos uploaded to Instagram, allowing for easy updates from a mobile phone.

Shepherd Cross Investors


This site included a redesign of the logo:

WordPress site. The photograph at the top scrolls through the photos of properties which are part of their property portfolio.

Heavy Horse Hacking


This site was for stables that runs hacks on heavy horses in Cornwall.

This required a logo designing, banners, flyers and safety signs.

The logo contains the Cornish flag (black with a white cross) then the yellow wording eludes to the shape of a horse shoe. Yellow and Black are also the Cornish rugby colours. This logo also need to go on t-shirts and horse tack so another reason for the black background.

Mainpoint Fire and Security


This site was in addition to Mainpoint’s main website and to advertise a standalone product which they wanted to prioritise. Careful thought went into choosing the domain name so that it might contain relevant search terms. This site was accompanied by an email campaign.

The client also wanted a map which showed where installations had been done. This needed to be easy to update. Fortunately a WordPress plugin already exists to do the job!