New Venture – Ways that I have helped:

Ways that I have helped: –

  • Business Advice – Free alongside other services I usually have no amazing insight into your venture, but I am a good, honest, impartial sounding board who makes the odd useful suggestion.
  • Branding – Branding Package I will create you a logo to your specification. I will pre-empt pitfalls. Logos need to work in many different situations, so they need to be just as good on a letterhead / business card as on your website/ facebook page. Text in logos can often be problematic and requires careful handling. I will then give you not only the original vector graphic but copies for use online in the right standardised dimensions for social media, web site, google etc. If you wish I will help you to build your social media (see social media package) and website(see website package) – I can also help with marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, brochures. Many client’s like to use online printers (such as prontaprint or similar), in which case I can create you an account and upload a high quality version of your logo. You can either use this to build the marketing materials yourself or I can build them for you. Remember as it is your account, should you need to order more or tweak something it is entirely within your control. I am also happy to use Adobe Illustrator to create marketing materials and to then liase with a printers to get you the results you want.
  • Website – Website Package Firstly, for a new start up, you may not need a website. I may suggest you make use of Facebook or Etsy, or Ebay initially instead. The next stumbling block is your domain name ( and your hosting (a computer somewhere in the world will have your website files on it, allowing people to access your website 24/7 online, this is also where you can setup your email if you don’t want a generic @gmail type of account). I am happy to give you complete control by walking you through owning your own domain and hosting (I can give recommendations of companies) or I can arrange for you to have your domain and hosting through me (one less thing to worry about).

    I like to create website in WordPress, although I am willing to use other platforms if required. I like WordPress because once it has been setup (which can be a bit of a hurdle) it is easy for anyone to use, it is optimised for search engines (easy for Google to find), it is free and it has plugins which allow a simple few page site to easily be scaled up to a shop, or to have a booking system.

    Sometimes I create a one page website, with contact details and not much else. This is all that is needed, a presence.

    Most of the time I do a basic site which will have about 5 pages (often Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contact). Sometimes we go in with a shop and lots of functionality, however this is rare for start ups.

    As I have already mentioned, the most difficult part of WordPress (technically) is the initial setup. There are many people who would like to and are capable of building and running their own website, they just don’t want the nasty start-up bit. I am happy to enable this. I will get you started watch you take your first steps and sit back proudly as that turns into a full gallop, always at the end of a phone or an email should you need me. (The D.I.Y package).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) (SEO package) First of all this is not as scary as it sounds. It just means that having built your website you need it to be found by a search engine (such as Google). People have aspirations of being ranked at no.1 on Google. This is unlikely to happen unless you are in a very niche area but by writing good content, using keywords and getting good quality links to your site from other web pages (in a related industry) you can push yourself higher up the rankings. You may also want to buy some advertising from GoogleAds or Facebook. That said if your site is built in WordPress many of the SEO has been done for you and in most cases this is something a new venture doesn’t need to worry about until they have found their feet. That said I would suggest joining ‘Google My Business’ particularly if your location is relevant to what you do and get your clients to leave you Google or Facebook reviews. This could get your business name to appear at the top of the first page of Google.
  • Social Media (social media package) The power of social media is increasing and it is wise to make use of it. In some cases you may be able to function online without a website if you are using social media to its full extent and I can help you to set that up. My warning with social media is that it is easy to spread yourself too thinly and it can become a fulltime job in itself. Facebook and Instagram are the big players but pinterest and others are also worth considering. The key is to indentify your target market and where you will find them. I can help with setting up your social media accounts, but also using tools to make them manageable so they don’t take over all your time.