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A Logo needs to IDENTIFY your brand and RESONATE with you and your target audience.

A logo needs to be versatile. It needs to work on your website (whether viewed on a laptop, tablet or mobile), social media, magazine advert, letterhead, flyers, business cards, shop frontage, side of a van, the list goes on. Technically it needs to be made correctly to do this.


A logo needs to be individual. You want a logo to stand out from the crowd. This might mean employing a graphic designer to draw you something absolutely unique. It might mean scrolling through some templates and using the one which fits best (someone else will have a similar logo but hopefully not in your location). Much is governed by the industry you are in and your budget. I am not going to pretend I draw logos from scratch. I usually build logos from existing elements (which are sold by graphic designers and can be completely modified), this is cheaper and quicker than trying to design from scratch.

A logo that ‘Zings’

The most difficult part of logo design in my opinion is finding the ‘one’. The logo that (in the words of Hotel Transylvania) ‘zings’ with the client. The right logo often comes from understanding what is important to the client. Who they are. What is important to them and their business. There is usually a reason they prefer one font over another or they don’t like a certain style; for me this is what makes it really interesting, the stories that go alongside the choices. When I get a zing moment it is usually because I have sussed my client and am able to properly represent them. That comes with a great sense of satisfaction.

Cost & Value of a Logo

The logo dictates the website colour scheme, shop interiors, carrier bags, business cards etc. It is an identity you wear for years so it is important to get it right. A logo is worth spending time and money over, but that is something as a client you have full control over. With lots of thought and lots of research you can go to your designer and just ask them to build what’s in your mind’s eye. If you go in not knowing what you want it is likely there will be many version and reworks and it will cost more. That said involving the designer early on might bring in ideas you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

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