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Keep Blogging!

In recent years, I have been lucky enough to meet many bloggers and influencers.
‘Content-Creator-Powerhouses’ might be a more appropriate name!
Thank you bloggers, helping you has taught me so much!

The blogging backstory

Traffic is everything to a blogger they:

  • always have their ear to the ground for the latest trend, or change which could affect their traffic and ultimately their income.
  • create volumes and volumes of high-quality content (this on it’s own is a full-time occupation).
  • monetise their blogs with ad campaigns, writing sponsored posts and finding influencer opportunities.

The greater a blogs traffic, the greater the Domain Authority of the blog, so the higher the revenue which can be achieved. This all takes work, a lot of work. At the same time the blog needs to be razor-sharp to maintain the high traffic numbers. These mammoth sites need to display perfectly on any device. They need to load lightening-fast (pagespeed is everything in 2021). Images have to be optimised and labelled up. SEO needs to be on point. Updates, backups, security all need to be kept on top of.

How I can help

Many bloggers come from a writing background rather than an IT one. Some decide it is more efficient and less stressful to pay me to do the website maintenance, so they can focus on their content and generating revenue.

Do it for me…

If you have no desire to build and maintain a website, outsource it. There is no shame in that. I am happy to work by the hour or to give a fixed fee to build a website. We can also work out a maintenance plan to suit your needs/budget.

Keeping up with trends

The work I do for bloggers can sometimes follow trends, for example there could be an announcement that Google are changing their algorithm so x, y and z need to be done. These changes will be new to everyone, me included. I will only need to learn it once though to help the 10 bloggers who come to me with the problem. I will very quickly become an expert at solving this particular problem and will be much quicker and more efficient than someone doing it for the first time.


Sometimes a blogger hits a catastrophe, they have been hacked or there is some sort of corruption to the site and all seems lost. The blogger hands this over to me to fix. I am able to calmly look at the situation and guide them through their options.


There are occasions when I get a message from a frustrated blogger, who happily maintains their website but has hit a brickwall and can’t get something to work. That’s fine I’ll take a look. If I know the answer there and then I might just help you out, worse case I will charge a nominal amount for my time.

Call me on 01452 877260 or email