Why #Hashtag?

Most people have heard of hashtags. The phrase ‘to hashtag’ began with twitter so has banded around for well over 10 years.

It revolves around putting a hash and some words. But why? And which words? Is it still cool to hashtag?

Hashtags enable people to find content. So your hashtag should contain the words someone might use if they were searching for your post (or article). If more that one word, you would put # then string the words together with no spaces. To make it more readable it is common practice to capitalise the first letter of each word.

For example suitable hashtags for this post would be:

#HowDoIHashtag (notice you can’t put punctuation in a hastag)

The skill of writing a hashtag is to anticipate the terms others would use to refer to your content.

But where to Hashtag?

Hashtagging is widely used across social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. if you’re not sure it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it even makes the jump into common language, for example the #MeToo movement. It also works to make a point quickly in graphics or printed media.

Is it still relevant? Worth the effort?

Yes, if you hashtag your posts they will be more visible. They will be seen by people who do not follow your posts normally. They allow your posts to be found. The are vital.

JOS Medical Beauty

JOS Medical Beauty went live just before Christmas.

Take a look at http://josmedicalbeauty.co.uk/ to find out more about the Botox, Derma Fillers and Facial Aesthetics on offer.

The website is a simple 5 page WordPress site. We have also designed the JOS Medical Beauty Logo and branding.

The idea of the simple site is that Jess who runs JOS Medical Beauty is now in the perfect position going forwards to add to her site herself using the easy wordpress editor and keep it up to date with all her latest news.

We fine the more our clients become involved with the administration of the website, adding content regularly the better the website. Google in turn rewards good quality content and the site is listed higher in the rankings.

Bark ‘n’ Bubbles goes live!

Very pleased to introduce my latest site www.barknbubblesdoggrooming.com built using WordPress.

Lesley was a dream client as she knew exactly what she wanted.

She began by showing me the logo she had just had designed. Lesley was over the moon with it. She wanted purple, silver and pink as her colours and she wanted just the right amount of glitz and glamour. The designer had nailed it.

This made my life very easy. The logo told me so much of what she wanted. We needed a black background to make the logo and photos stand out. I needed to come up with a way of mimicking the glitz of the logo so I took some of the silver sparkle and added it behind the black background.


It happened that a lot of Lesley’s photos had a pink background so I used this to bring the pink in and used the purple for the writing. Lesley had also done her homework and had prepared the photos and the written content. She knew what pages she wanted and how she wanted to present herself.

Lesley already had a very successful facebook page which meant there was a wealth of information we could draw on. We were able to create an Instagram account so that Lesley can photo the dogs and upload them to instagram from her phone. By using a wordpress plugin it would automatically update the gallery, keeping things current and up-to-date. It also would post to Facebook, giving Lesley less work.

I also set up a google business page so the business would be listed in Google Maps.