My name is Natalie.

I grew up in Cornwall and moved up to Cheltenham to study a Multimedia Computing Degree in 1998. To cut a long story short this led to me graduating,  living in Gloucester and becoming a self-employed web designer.

Most of my web design work at the moment is done in WordPress since it is in demand. It is no wonder WordPress has become so popular.

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It allows clients to easily update and maintain their sites themselves and comes with templates which can easily be customised. They are often responsive designs, so the websites look just as good on a mobile, a tablet or a computer. WordPress also does a lot of the ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ for you. There are also a wealth of plugins which allow you to add clever functions to your website quickly and easily.

WordPress cuts down the amount of work involved in building a website dramatically, allowing me to make a professional website quickly and cost-effectively.

Although WordPress and web design are at the heart of what I do, it is only a part of it.

Sometimes the client and I have to establish a brand. Create a logo and the artwork, leading to business cards, flyers etc. In a different scenario an existing brand might feel they aren’t doing as well as they should. I might help them with ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO) to improve their ranking on google or look into their web analytics, which could lead to an email campaign or other marketing strategy.

I also get involved with domain registrations (www. somethingorother.com) and can help with finding reliable web hosting. I write content for websites and find suitable stock photos if necessary. I have also been know to give hardware and software support in someone’s hour of need.